Marco Mascorro

Entrepreneur. CEO. Inventor.

Passionate about solving problems with startups, software, robots and applied AI.

About me

"I am working on the software and robot automation that free up humans to be more creative. Robots and bots (software) will work for us. We are still far from this, but it is something I am constantly working on."
Hey! I am Marco (@Mascobot in "the Internets"), an entrepreneur, AI and Robotics engineer, software developer, and occasional investor living in San Francisco. I am Co-founder & CEO of Fellow AI (FKA Fellow Robots).

I also advice some startups, help build them, and sometimes invest in some.

- Started and grew Fellow Robots from a small lab at NASA Research Park to the invention of multiple autonomous robots (OSHbot, NAVii, and LoweBot; sometimes known as "the Lowe's robots"), which has led to multiple deployments and multi-million dollar contracts with some of the largest companies in the world in retail, factories and data centers.

- Named Forbes 30 under 30, MIT 35 Under 35 Innovator and featured in Discovery Channel.

- Raised over $8,400,000 from multiple Silicon Valley investors, Tencent and one of the world largest OEMs.

- Built a COVID-19 ventilator and made its first version open-source. The project went viral and has helped over 200 teams around the world. Here's the story covered by the BBC.

- Joined the faculty of Singularity University at NASA to teach AI and Robotics.

- At the age of 21, joined BMW Research & Innovation Center in Munich to engineer concept cars. Some of my designs come in the 2014 car series.

- Have developed multiple robots, AI models, and software products used by some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies sold with multi-million dollar contracts.

- Built a nuclear exploration autonomous Robot due to the Fukushima Accident, and an autonomous wheelchair robot for disabled people - Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan.

- Featured in WSJ, New York Times, Bloomberg, IEEE, Discovery Channel, MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Nikkei, and others.

- Started programming and building robots at age 11. These days I code mostly on Python, C and JavaScript.

- Author of multiple patents on Robotics, Computer Vision, AI, sensors, and automation. See more than 8 patent listings here.

Theses I believe in:

- The transistor and Internet have been some of the most impactful inventions in the world.

- The world is becoming more automated quicker. Bots (software) and robots will work for humans more, but this is a hard concept to grasp today (in a positive way). Most of it is happening behind the scenes.

- Software will keep eating the world for a long time. It's just the beginning (even though it doesn't seem like).

- AI is the automation of software development, and AGI is the automation of a collective human brain.

- Most services in the world will become an API.

- The world is getting better (Net), but our amygdala in the brain focuses & amplifies the problems.


These outlets have covered some stories on the work I have been doing.
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Here are some of the public projects I have worked on. More to come soon.
For my open software apps and repos, check my GitHub account.

To follow more updates on projects, AI, apps and more, I normally post on Twitter.
OSHBot- Autonomous Customer Service Robot.

OSHBot navigates you through stores helping you find your products. Deployed in Orchard Supply Hardware stores.
NAVii - Autonomous Customer Service and Inventory scanning Robot.

NAVii guides you and helps you find products. It also scans inventory in the night. Deployed in Lowe's, BevMo, SAM's, PARCO Japan, Toyota, and other industrial locations.
Cobot (Coca Cola) Social autonomous robot.

The autonomous social robot was developed in collaboration with Coca Cola for a concept of a social robot.
SIMPL - Neural Net Vision system for Robot Arms.

The easy to use interface allows any person with no programming experience to use and program industrial robots.
COVID-19 Contact tracing

The contact tracer allows people to socially distance (by an haptic feedback) and keep track of every contact within 10 feet precisely, utilizing Ultra-wideband (UWB).
COVID-19 Ventilator

Built an Open Source COVID-19 ventilator. The project went viral and has helped over 200 teams around the world. The amazing Resilient Breath team has worked on testing the ventilator for use in Colombia, Mexico and Pakistan.
Telepresence robot

Originally when we started Fellow Robots, we developed multiple versions of telepresence robots.
KuruRobo - Autonomous wheelchair

Developed an autonomous wheelchair robot for disabled people while I was doing Computer Vision research at the Kanazawa Institute of Japan.
Nuclear Exploration Robot

Developed an autonomous humanoid exploration robot in Japan due to the Fukushima accident in 2011
Exploration Rover
Developed an exploration rover for search and rescue in nataral distasters. Project was developed at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology
My Robotics Lab in Japan
Electrathon Competition (2009)

High efficiency, high speed, electric vehicle.

First place in best design

How can I help?

I build and/or help startups/projects that are solving problems that I am personally interested in solving. Specifically projects that make humanity better.

- I am passionate about democratizing technology access/creation. More and more people should be able to develop new products without the need of deep tech knowledge.

- I am passionate about the "API-fication" of the world. Every service and product in the digital and physical world should be accessible through APIs. Great business are yet to be built around setting the "plumbing" of the Internet.

- Tools that allow people to create content easier. The beginning of this was YouTube, Instagram. Today is TikTok, Substack, Twitch, Taobao Live, etc.

- Space Robotics (for exploration, manufacturing and mining).

- Advanced manufacturing (the robots that make the robots).

- Computer Vision applications.

- AI and AGI development, but more specifically applied AI (solving today's problems).

- Coding and developer tools.

- Advanced sensors and electronics.

- Automation of boring stuff (software bots and robots).
You can reach on Twitter (DMs open) or Email: